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A versatile soprano in solo and chamber music, Regina Stroncek transports audiences with expressive performances and thoughtful connections to texts. A firm believer that cross-cultural collaboration improves global understanding, Regina seeks to bridge cultural divides and create spaces of reflection for diverse audiences around the world.

Regina is a collaborative soul and enjoys performing as a soloist and ensemble member in a variety of musical settings. She enjoys singing everything from chant to extended technique, and she has a special love of singing works by contemporary American composers. She has performed recitals in duos with piano, saxophone, and percussion and has given world and regional premieres of works in the United States and Brazil.

Teaching and performing inform one another, and Regina is dedicated to educating audiences, students, and teachers alike. As a private voice and piano teacher, she has had the honor of working with students between the ages of 4-64 to build and maintain a lifelong appreciation for music. As a Classical Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) Class Notes Artist with Border CrosSing, she sang chamber works in Spanish, Quechua, and Nahuatl for elementary school students around the Twin Cities. She has lead workshops and mini-courses on social justice and singing at universities in Uberlândia and Brasília, Brazil, and has guest lectured on Portuguese and Brazilian song at institutions in Minnesota and Massachusetts.

As an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Regina developed a love of the Portuguese language. She observed a gap in musical education related to repertoire from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula and now strives to be a voice for Brazilian repertoire in the United States. After attending the Barcelona Festival of Song (BFOS) as a student, she curated lecture recitals on Brazilian song through the assistance of undergraduate research grants, and continued her research on Brazilian vocal chamber music as a two-time Fulbright scholar in Brasília, Brazil. Regina loves to connect others with this repertoire, and has coached high school choirs on Brazilian choral pieces, presented an interest session on Brazilian choral repertoire at the Southern Region ACDA conference, and been interviewed for podcasts on Brazilian art song and choral works. Regina returned to perform in the BFOS 2020 virtual season as an alumna, and is currently an Ambassador for the program.

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